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  • Queen Hill Road
  • Plattsmouth, NE
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Local stories say that Hannah was a 16 year old girl who became pregnant in the 1800s. Her parents were upset with her, delivered the baby at home and drowned it in the Missouri River, telling Hannah the baby had been stillborn. Hannah died of a broken heart and was buried in a nearby field. Some say you can hear Hannah crying for her baby here, and sometimes will even see a lantern floating around the fields. Stories also state that fallen snow never stays on the place where Hannah was buried.
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  • Old Pioneer Cemetery

    Visited the nearby Rock Bluff schoolhouse today during an open house and decided to visit "Hannah's Grave" because of the tales I had heard. The sign for the cemetery states "This pioneer cemetery has 216 burials. It was established in 1857 when an infant, James Buchanan Patterson was buried "on top of a hill" owned by the child's father, Col Thomas Patterson." Accordingly, some of the grave markers and dates are quite old. Some are so eroded that a person would need to make a rubbing to tell who was buried there, some of the grave markers appear to be just simple blocks of stone with no inscription or information at all. I was only able to locate one grave marker with the name of "Hannah" visible to the naked eye. According to the grave marker, this woman passed away in 1865 at the age of 31, which does not fit with the tale. The cemetery seems to be a squirrels delight with numerous acorns underfoot. At least one coniferous tree appeared to have fallen victim to old age and a windstorm, with the fallen branches partially obscuring one gravesite and marker. This could explain snowfall in certain parts of the cemetery and on certain gravesites, but not others. The view of the hills to the north of the cemetery was excellent on a sunny autumn day.

    Posted 10/16/22

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  • Hannaha’s grave experience

    Back in 1996, I was 16. I’m aging myself. I had this pretty cool 1981 Monte Carlo and decided to take a road trip with my friends in it to Hannaha’s grave. This was a crisp Autumn night thinking it would be kind of fun heading out there since it was Halloween time. We got parked out there and walked around looking for her grave. I knew we were close but wasn’t quite sure exactly where since of course we didn’t have flash lights. We all kind of got freaked out since we were walking around in the cemetery at night thinking we were close to a dead witch. We decided to walk back quickly to the car and all got in it. When I tried to start my car, it only clicked over. My battery was dead. We got out and started walking to the nearest Farmhouse and it started snowing. There was no snow in the forecast so that was freaky. Also the snow stopped the further we walked to the farmhouse. Thankfully we knew who it was when our old PE teacher answered the door and offered to take us all home! I went back to the cemetery the next morning to get my car and it started right up with no help of a jump.

    Posted 10/23/21

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  • Definitely something out there

    Tonight is the Snow Moon. Since I had somehow just found out about this last night, I decided to go find it while the moon is full. I was IMMEDIATELY struck by a strange fear for no apparent reason as soon as my headlights hit the cemetery. Having spent most of my adult life in cemeteries, I have had more than a few brushes w otherworldly somethings you can feel, hear & sometimes even catch a glimpse of, but never get a good look at & I don't scare easily. I drove up a bit past the cemetery to turn around & park pointed out, just in case anyone or thing wanted to question my being there shortly after midnight under the full moon. The rutted dirt road was mostly frozen, but had just enough of an incline where I turned around to require me to kick the 4x4 on to get moving again. I got turned around, shut off my headlights, left my 4WD locked in & parked parallel to the cemetery, facing into a wooded ravine. I rolled down my windows to listen & shut my truck off to make sure I could hear. I was looking out the passenger side window into the cemetery to see what I may see & when I turned to face forward in the direction of the ravine, felt mildly motion sick out of nowhere. Focused on the trees in front of me & noticed my truck seemed to be moving (sliding?) forward toward the ravine even though it was off & in Park. Immediately, stepped on the brakes out of reflex & the moving feeling left. Stupidly, held the brakes for a minute just to make sure I WAS stopped & sat there looking straight into the ravine just to be sure. Once I determined I was sitting still again, I let off the brake. Almost instantly, I got the feeling of moving (or being pulled?) toward the ravine again. So, I focused my full attention on the trees in front of me, only to realize my truck WAS moving forward toward the wooded ravine somehow, ever so slowly. The ground is mostly frozen tonight & made a lot of crunching sounds when I initially came down the dirt road to the cemetery. My windows were still down & I could hear a couple owls, a lot of dead trees creaking & someone's dogs barking far in the distance, but not a sound from the road or my tires. I sat there for a few seconds to make sure I wasn't just freaking myself out & watched as the front of my truck somehow moved, slipping closer to the trees in front of me at the top of the ravine. I let it roll/slide (still not 100% HOW it was moving, but it was DEFINITELY going toward the ravine) as far as I comfortably could before I panicked, realizing I didn't want to end up in that ravine & try to explain this to a cop or tow truck cuz I KNEW no one would believe me (which I'm sure no one reading this does either) & pushed the brake again to start my truck & move it so it WASN'T facing the ravine. Parked w the ravine to my right & the cemetery behind me & shut it off again, confident it was no longer moving. I sat for a minute & listened to all the noises of the creaking dead trees & singing creatures of the night. It took me a bit to convince myself to get out of the truck, but when I did, just seconds after both feet were on the ground, all the noises stopped almost at once & it was CREEPY silent. I didn't hear any crying, screaming, or human noises. As even the barking dogs became silent, I LITERALLY heard NOTHING, despite the night melody just moments before. The hair on my arms was standing up at that point, from the cold, anxiety, or both & in the silence, I REALLY felt like I wasn't alone. I decided I was being stupid & had just psyched myself out. So, I made myself walk over to the cemetery fence & started taking some pictures of the full moon reflecting brightly off the mostly undisturbed snow. I couldn't shake the weird feeling of a presence, but relaxed a bit as I took some more pictures. I noticed some VERY large bird footprints (I would think turkey, but even after having grown up farm country, USA, it would've been the biggest turkey I'd ever seen) back toward the ravine a bit & walked over to put my foot beside them for scale & take some pictures. As I was standing there w one foot next to the two footprints, bent over taking pictures, something pushed down HARD on the back of my neck. It happened quick, but was hard enough to knock me down on my hands & knees. But then, I was D.O.N.E. DONE. Got up in a flash & oh so quickly, navigated my way back across the frozen, rutted road. It was uneven & SUPER hard for my clumsy self to walk on without breaking an ankle. It seemed like it took FOREVER to get back in my truck. But once I was in, I had that bad boy on & headed back down the road away from the cemetery w a quickness. I was trying to get back to HWY 75 the way I had come, but it wasn't looking entirely familiar. I was about to turn around & try a different route when I saw the pavement just ahead & gladly gave it more gas. I drove home down 75S the same way I have 3 of 5 nights this week alone & HUNDREDS of times in the almost 6 yrs I've lived here, but aside from a couple landmarks that stood out (Roto-Snake & a farm on the East side) it hardly looked like the road I've traveled SO much I could do it asleep. Got home still feeling a little freaky, but realized no one is going to believe me since no one was with me to confirm. I decided to type it out anyway, for my own memory, if nothing else. But, the clock that should have just struck 2 AM says 3 AM & there is NO WAY an hour has passed already because the movie I started before I started typing this says it has only been playing 29 minutes & I didn't watch anything else including previews before I started it. So, how has the movie only made it 29 minutes when the actual TIME has made it an entire hour???? There is a fly in the ointment & MOST DEFINITELY something strange going on out there. Next time, I am going to make someone go out there w me to confirm or deny what I think happens. I am normally SO doubtful of myself almost every minute of every day, but I don't feel a BIT of that self doubt right now & that is SO rare for me. This confidence I have in what I believe I witnessed is pretty scary. Go check it out, RESPECTFULLY, for yourself. But for the love of all things holy, bring a friend or two as witnesses. If nothing else, at least you'll have someone else to rub your neck when it's still sore more than 2 hrs later.

    Posted 2/27/21

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  • Scary as hell

    Been to several “haunted” places and never felt scared. Legitimately was frightened even being in the area. Me and some friends didn’t stay long and once we had rounded up in the truck all 4 of us watched a dim light go across the dirt road ahead and decided to fly out of there as quick as possible.

    Posted 2/17/20

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